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B i o g r a p h y


Tyjuan Wilson was born (July 23 1955) & raised in the Washington DC area and currently lives in Temple Hills Maryland.  He began playing guitar at age 11, and his brother  Tom (age 12 at the time) took up the drums.  The brothers started a band called the Centennials.  Later the name changed to 100 Years Time, and for the next 10+ years they performed in the DC area, and up and down the east coast.


100 Years Time also recorded several songs in New York City and Washington DC under the management of Mr. Mercer Ellington (Duke Ellington's son) in the 70's.  Recently both brothers have been gigging here and there around the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia).

Tyjuan is always looking for jam sessions with musicians of all styles, and enjoys doing studio session work when there's an opportunity.

Tyjuan Wilson Lead Guitarist, Tyjuan
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